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Although this web-site DOES NOT contain any PORNOGRAPHY it does contain partially female nudity and erotic pictures of females in various states of dress showing stockings, lingerie and silky slips in both indoor and outdoor locations.

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We really do hope that you will find our pictures mildly erotic and sensuous, which should appeal to you if you enjoy seeing mature ladies displaying their stockings, lingerie and more!

Some of the outdoor picture sets may well include other people or even trade premises. This is purely co-incidental and is in no way an attempt to advertise any of the depicted Companies or Locations.


However, if you are likely to be offended by such images or are under the age of 18 (or the applicable minimum age for viewing such material in your Country or Community) please DO NOT ENTER this web-site. Please click on this LINK  to take you to a search engine so that you can find a more suitable site.

Please also note that any pictures or other materials that are available for download are subject to Copyright and may only be downloaded for your personal use only. It is illegal for you to re-publish or otherwise distribute any downloaded pictures or other materials on any other web-site or publication without my written consent.

If you are permitted to view the described material and agree to the copyright warning then please enter our site and enjoy your visit.


Parents if you wish to protect your children from this or any other Adult Site then select one of the following links and configure your PC to restrict access to your children.